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Korina leads the outreach component of CASCW. She manages CASCW’s events and publications as well as developing and maintaining the Center’s collaborative relationships with important partners in the child welfare field.

June 2016

Fostering Self-Compassion in Children: Resources for Child Welfare Professionals

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Guestbloggers: Jane F. Gilgun, PhD & Samantha Hirschey, MSW, School of Social Work, University of Minnesota Maria is a fifth-grade girl that has been placed into foster care. Maria was walking to class through a crowded hallway.  The school principal was standing at the office door greeting the children. Maria tripped and dropped her books [...]

February 2016

State Policy and Exposure to Child Maltreatment (AES/ Sibling Project)

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AES/Sibling Project – Blog Post 3 Editor’s Note: This blog series is written by Associate Professor Lynette Renner, Research Assistant Lindsay Anderson, and Dr. Kristine Piescher (CASCW) at the University of Minnesota School of Social Work.  The goal of this three-part series is to provide information and encourage discussion of expanding our understanding of children’s [...]

January 2016

Supporting Permanency of Children in Foster Care Through Relative Placement

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In 2014, there were over 12,000 children who spent some time in out-of-home care in Minnesota, with a majority in family foster care. While most children in foster care return home, for others, reunification is not an option. As the agency policy specialist for the Permanency Unit of the Child Safety and Permanency Division at [...]

December 2015

The Adoptee Citizenship Act: History and Overview of Proposed Legislation

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In advance of this week's graduation of the 4th Permanency and Adoption Competency Certificate (PACC) cohort, former Stability, Permanency and Adoption Coordinator JaeRan Kim guest blogs on the impact of newly introduced adoption legislation. JaeRan is currently Assistant Professor at the University of Washington – Tacoma in the social work program. Until the passage of the Child [...]

September 2015

Girls’ Aggression in Child Welfare Series Final Blog: 2 New YouTube Videos on Girls’ Aggression

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As we complete the Girls' Aggression in Child Welfare blog series we would like to share with you two wonderful videos that Professor Jane Gilgun has created along with this series. Video 1: Girls Aggression in Child Welfare Caseloads Part 1: Relational & Physical Aggression Girls' aggression is a growing concern. This video shows how [...]

Legislative Task Force on Child Protection & Foster Care Workgroup

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The Child Protection Task Force which was convened by Governor Mark Dayton made 93 recommendations which will reform aspects of the Minnesota child protection system. The Legislative Task Force on Child Protection was recently formed to review the efforts being made to implement the Governor’s Task Force recommendations. The task force convenes monthly at the [...]