Handouts for Site Coordinators 2017

//Handouts for Site Coordinators 2017
Handouts for Site Coordinators 2017 2017-03-01T15:15:14+00:00

These handouts are unique to site coordinators. General conference handouts, including the agenda, will be available soon on the main conference webpage at: http://z.umn.edu/18thspringconference.

Before the Conference

This handout will help you keep track of things to do prior to the conference and on the day of the conference. Use it as a reference guide. It also includes helpful links and contact information for video/audio webstream support. This is for site coordinators only.

Use the Pre-Broadcast Discussion handout to discuss with participants how they can interact virtually with CASCW during the conference. Each participant should have the Join our Online Discussion handout which explains how we use social media to interact virtually.

Use this form to have individuals sign in. This form will be mailed back to CASCW.

During the Conference

This is the Site Coordinator version of the Participant Discussion Guide (see next toggle). Use this guide to help participants break out into small groups to discuss the conference. Participants will use their own forms to record responses, so you do not need to record responses here. This is for site coordinators only.

Pass out this form to each participant. Participants should record their responses. Participant responses will be mailed back to CASCW.

After the Conference

Please fill out this form and mail it back to CASCW. This is for site coordinators only.

In order to receive CEHs, please direct attendees to fill out the conference evaluation, available at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QFPSRJT. The link for the CEH form will appear after survey completion.
This form is also available in paper format. Please contact Nora M. Lee at cascw@umn.edu or 612-624-4231 for more information.