Realistic Job Preview of Child Protection Work in Minnesota

//Realistic Job Preview of Child Protection Work in Minnesota
Realistic Job Preview of Child Protection Work in Minnesota 2017-02-09T10:19:02+00:00

Project Description

The Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare (CASCW) partnered with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Minnesota Association for County Social Services Administrators (MACSSA) to develop the Minnesota Realistic Job Preview for Child Protection. RJPs can be used to assist in hiring processes, as they are particularly helpful in the recruitment, selection, and retention of child protection workers. In an effort to capture the complexity and diversity of the child welfare system in Minnesota, CASCW partnered with key stakeholders, including six different counties that represented rural, urban, and suburban populations. This project included the perspectives of managers, frontline workers, and families previously involved with the child protection system. The RJP is designed to provide applicants with an accurate picture of the position for which they are applying. Participants interviewed shared both the rewarding and challenging aspects of child protection work. RJP’s can also be utilized Title IV-E education programs in the selection of child welfare scholars.

In addition to the RJP video, we have compiled 12 extended interview clips that can be utilized. These short videos highlight case examples, common issues in child protection, family stories, and more. Please feel free to use any and all of these videos in our agency. All 12 videos are free and easily accessible through YouTube or viewable directly from embedded links below.

Child Removal #1 Parent Perspective: Sarah Forensic Interviews Case Example –
Voluntary Services
Case Example –
Interstate Compact
on the Placement
of Children (ICPC)
Case Example –
Parental Rights
Case Example –
School Report
Case Example –
Case Example –
Case Example –
Domestic Violence
Case Example –
Chemical Dependency